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About us

The "Luxuria" trade mark for the production of sauces and marinades was created in February 2015 in St. Petersburg. We have set ourselves the goal of creating quality products of our own production for sale in the Russian market. The main task for us is to combine high quality and affordable price.

We have always focused not only on a highly specialized consumer, but also on an ordinary buyer. That is why the recipe for sauces TM "Luxuria" is opened in such a way that they can be used on an industrial scale and at home.

The TM "Luxuria" team cooperates with many restaurants and distributors. We create our own brands of sauces for partners, we manufacture products for large and small industries.

Our sauces combine tradition and originality of flavors. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our own products, looking for ideas on how to make tastes brighter and more unique.s

Only high-quality raw materials are used in the production of TM "Luxuria" sauces. Since the beginning of the foundation to this day, our team has carefully selected foreign partners for cooperation. We get raw materials from trusted suppliers from Europe, Japan, China, India and Thailand.

Products of TM "Luxuria" are manufactured on specialized equipment in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic norms and rules. The high quality of our sauces is guaranteed through constant monitoring by the international independent expert organization IPC Hormann.

All stages of production of sauces TM "Luxuria" are strictly controlled by experts, finished products are carefully selected, and samples of materials are stored in a special "library of quality".

Advantages of TM "Luxuria":

· High quality

· Affordable prices

· Originality of tastes

· A wide range

· Flexible terms of cooperation

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